Why Should You Choose Timber Doors & Windows In Barnstaple?

Timber is probably the oldest material used for doors and windows. This is a reflection of their durability, as timber doors and windows are likely to last for upwards of 50 years when properly cared for. High quality timber has a number of benefits for your home, which we’ll explore in this blog post.

Timber will naturally insulate your home, so you could save money on your energy bills with your bespoke timber doors & windows. It will last for a very long time when cared for properly, and is surprisingly easy to repair even structural damage. Wood is natural and sustainable, so you’ll be minimising your impact on the environment with this eco-friendly option.

Bespoke Design & Manufacturing

By choosing a bespoke service to create your timber doors & windows, you can tailor the style exactly to your taste. Timber has a beautiful, timeless finish and there are a lot of design options to choose from. You can coat wood in any colour or varnish that you like, and it’s easy to re-paint at any time without needing to remove the whole unit.

The Benefits of Timber Doors

Timber doors have a traditional feel and can really enhance the entrance to your home. For homeowners who prefer a classic look, the rustic appearance of wood is ideal. You can get a range of styles, from single doors, to double doors, to French doors and more! Some homes may even require a custom size of door, which is easily put together in high quality timber.

The Benefits of Timber Windows

Timber windows are a stunning addition to any home. They add character to traditional and modern properties and are incredibly durable. Timber windows can be fitted with double glazing to ensure that your home is well-insulated. You can choose from a variety of styles, including sliding sash and casement. You can even choose to have your current windows renovated with our high quality timber.

Call Bespoke Timber Joinery & Carpentry For Timber Doors & Windows In Barnstaple

If you’ve made the wise decision to upgrade to timber fixings, you’ve come to the right place. Bespoke Timber Joinery & Carpentry offer expert timber solutions. We can create bespoke products to fit your specifications and advise on the best materials to use.

We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life, all while fitting to your budget and taste. Call our team today to begin planning your timber doors and windows.

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